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    Professional People

    Experience pays.
    A h
    ard working and well-seasoned crew. We are ready to make it happen on your day. Every day.
    ~ Aaron "Cujo" Cooley - Production Sound Mixer, owner/operator
    ~ Steve Young - Boom Operator
    ~ Pamela Cooley - Sound Utility
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    Professional Tools

    Buy the best.
    I own gear that is specially designed for film and TV production and built by companies that have decades perfecting the craft.
    Recorders and mixers by Sound Devices and Zaxcom.
    Wireless by Lectrosonics.
    Microphones by DPA, Schoeps, Neumann, and Sanken.

    Professional Results

    Time is money.
    Editing eats up time like nobody's business. My team and I deliver superb location recordings and get your program on the air faster.
    If you change it on the fly, we handle on-set ADR as well.


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